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The Other Odd Couple,
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Jamestown Says Goodbye to Sweet June

“On 11/2/17 Janice “June” Hill passed on after a recent diagnosis of cancer. As all who were fortunate enough to share some time with June you were blessed and fortunate to be friends with one of the sweetest women to share some time with. In her very own words she let her hubby Leon know “She was Sailing Home”.  She loved Jamestown and everyone here, and I’m sure the Home she sailed to is a beautiful place and we’ll see her there…”
— George R

“June, you will always be a part of us. You were always smiling, always giving us a reason to be hopeful, and always making us want to be better than we are. You spread love to everyone you met without judgment, and we are changed because of you.

What a beautiful life.”
— Erika A

“Leon, I’m thinking about you and sending you lots of love from the frozen North. I will miss that wonderful lady, but she will always be in my thoughts.”
— Anne B

“Dear Sweet Miss June – your loving smile and kind heart will be so missed here in Jamestown by all. We’ll look after Leon as best we can, but no one can ever replace you. Rest in peace, sweet lady.”
— Nancy F

“Always smiling, always kind, always loving.”
— Rob G

“For me you will always be the heart of Jamestown.
Fair winds and smooth seas.”
— Lynwood W

“Very saddened to hear this. I feel so lucky to have known such a beautiful and kind woman as June. She always had a hug and that beautiful smile that would wash over you and reminded us all to hold one another tight and spread love however you can. Leon … stay strong we are here for you.”
— Sal D

“Smooth sailing, sweet June.
We’ll miss you.”
— Jill B

“June and I didn’t have opportunities outside of JT, to connect but when we did, it was a real “sisterhood”. Yes, beautiful smile, beautiful spirit and soul. Leon, I hold you close and feel a piece of your loss.”
— Sally H

“Sweet June, smooth sailing. We could all strive to be more “Junelike“!”
— Beth B

“Ah, I will miss your smile, June!
And all the love you radiated out to the whole world for your whole life!”
— Oak C

“My prayers to you dear Leon on the passing of your beautiful June. You were both always an inspiration to me as to what a husband and wife could be. Much love to you my dear friend.”
— Linda B

“So sad to hear this news. June’s energy will always be close to my heart, an amazing lady. To you my dear Leon, I know how difficult this must be but never forget June is always near. You are loved by so many as was June, embrace this love, it will get you through the hard times. Love “
— Donna R

“Oh no, that breaks my heart… loved her so much!”
– Jean H

“I will miss her smiling and loving presence.”
— Jackie A

Jamestown Says Goodbye to Sweet June,
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